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AMAC Taekwondo
Main Dojang 2nd Floor View
AMAC Main Dojang
Outdoor Activities
AMAC's Side Dojang
AMAC's Own Playground
Outdoor Basketball Court
Side Dojang Waiting Area

Open Enrollment!

2 Week Trial Period for $49!

Enroll now and get a free uniform and bag when you visit AMAC!

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About Us

AMAC is currently the largest taekwondo school in the Centreville area. Our facility consists of 2 levels, 2 practice areas, and a playground for students to enjoy in the warm season. The staff is comprised of experienced and highly trained instructors all with various backgrounds and expertise; ranging from Taekwondo, Hapkido, Weapons, Stunts, Sparring, Demonstrations, Tournaments, Physical Fitness, and Child Development.

Our three main goals as a taekwondo school are to provide the highest quality of martial arts instructions, inspire students to develop good character and valuable life skills, and create a positive influence in the community.

We believe through challenge, discipline, and dedication, our students will grow to become the leaders of tomorrow.



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