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Our Taekwondo 

Our AMAC instructors and staff will help you develop a strong foundation which you can build upon. Here at AMAC we strive to teach a pure version of Taekwondo that will allow you to experience the many benefits that it has to offer, including fitness, self-defense, confidence, discipline, as well as having fun as a  community.

Learning martial arts is beyond just kicking and punching; we believe in teaching responsibility, good judgment, character, and life skills. Our instructors and staff look forward to personally assisting you in achieving you goal.

Master Song_edited.jpg

Over 40 years of traditional Taekwondo

Over 32 years of teaching in the Northern Virginia area 

Master Yunho Song


Master Sherrie

4th Degree Black Belt​​

Black Belt in Kumdo

Black Belt in Judo

School Director 

23 years of Taekwondo Experience 

Master Han

4th Degree Black Belt

Tricking/Demo Coach

12 years at AMAC



Master Ben

4th degree Black Belt

Degree in Kinesiology

Certification in Sports Medicine

Certified Message Therapist


Master Desmond

4th Degree Black Belt

Over 20 years of Taekwondo Experience 


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