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Meet the AMAC team.

Master Yunhoo Song


Master Sherrie

School Director

Master Han

Head Master

Master Ben Saxe

Taekwondo Master

Master Desmond Thomas

Taekwondo Master

Assistant Instructors

More than 40 years practicing traditional Taekwondo

More than 32 years teaching in NOVA

4th degree Black Belt

Black belt in Kumdo and Judo

23 years, Taekwondo experience

4th Degree Black Belt

Tricking/Demo Coach

12 years teaching at AMAC

4th degree Black Belt

Degree in Kinesiology

Sports Medicine and Massage Therapy certifications

4th Degree Black Belt

More than 20 years practicing Taekwondo

Daniel Burnayev

Vivian Vo

Spencer Carlin

Diego Blanco

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